Getting Started with Data CookBook

What is Data CookBook?

Data CookBook, a new initiative at Emerson, is a collaborative data dictionary and data governance tool for higher education provided by iData. The primary features of this tool include:

  • A searchable data dictionary
  • An ability to track report specifications and requests
  • Workflows for creating new definitions, specifications, and quality rules

Data CookBook will help data producers and consumers in various functional areas or departments to view, use, and develop data and reporting terminology that is consistent and standard across the college.

How do I access Data CookBook?

You may access Data CookBook through any standard internet browser by visiting Please use your Emerson credentials to log in.

Before you get started, we highly encourage a visit to the Data CookBook support site for Related Videos. This page provides a great overview and demonstration of what Data CookBook is all about and how to use it.

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