How to Record Group Presentations

If your professor asked you to record a group presentation, you can record it synchronously or asynchronously.

If you choose to record it synchronously, you can set up a Zoom meeting between you and your group-mates and record the meeting. You can take turns speaking and flipping through the presentation slides. After you're done, the person who set up the meeting will have access to the recording. They can trim the presentation in and share the recording with your professor. They can also download the presentation recording, and upload the file to, where you have more editing options. 

If you wish to record the presentation asynchronously, we recommend using Panopto. Each member of your group will be able to record themselves and their screen in their own time using this tool. When you are ready, you can splice the separate recordings together.

Please note that the group-mate that ends up combining all the recordings will need access to each recording. By default all your recordings are private. We recommend making a folder and adding all the group members to it as 'creators.' Save all your recordings in that folder. 

Once you're ready to share the final presentation with your professor and/or class, you may want to submit it to a video assignment or video discussion in Canvas.

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