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How to Install and Use the Android Panopto App [BETA]

Panopto is in the process of releasing a new app, and we can start using it! This version is in Beta.  If you'd like to use the current (soon-to-be-old) app, check out this Android guide.

To download the new Panopto app and TYPE OUT THIS URL on a web browser on your device:  https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.panopto.mobile

You will be prompted to log-in to a Google account. Use your Emerson email address. On the next screen, you will be prompted to log-in via DUO.

Next, you will see information about Panopto's beta-testing program. Click Become a Tester. Then, on the next screen, click the link to download the Panopto app from Google Play:

The Panopto beta tester info page, with the Become a Tester button indicated.           The second screen of the Panopto beta tester info page, with the download link for the app indicated.

This will take you to the Play store. Click Install, then choose your mobile device when prompted and click Continue:

The Google Play store's page for the Panopto beta app, with the Install button at top left indicated.           The device-choosing screen after clicking Install in the Google Play Store, with the Continue button indicated. There is a dropdown menu in the center of the window with a device selected.

The Panopto Beta app should automatically download within a few minutes. When it does, open it. On the app's sign-in screen, enter your Emerson email address and click Next. On the next screen, make sure "Emerson DUO" is selected in the menu, then click Sign in. Log-in via DUO again when prompted:

The sign-in screen for the Panopto beta app. There is a text field to enter your email address in the center of the screen (indicated), and a next button.           The second screen of the Panopto beta app's sign-in process, with Emerson DUO displayed in a central dropdown menu and the Sign In button below it indicated.

That's it! Your Panopto app is installed and you are signed in. You can use the app to watch, upload, and record videos.

One of the coolest features this new app offers is the ability to search for videos by searching for words spoken in the video, or presented on the screen in a video. In the picture below, I searched for the word "Smile," and the app showed me a video with the word in the title AND all the instances the word was uttered or appeared on screen:

A search for the word Smile in the Panopto beta app, with results displaying from videos' titles and transcripts.

If you'd like to upload or record a video, simply tap the purple + icon in the bottom right corner:

The Panopto beta app's My Stuff screen with the + icon at bottom right indicated.           The Panopto beta app's My Stuff screen after tapping the + icon at bottom right, with options for Upload and Record and Remote Control displayed.

When you see the Upload and Record screen, click inside the box and you'll be prompted to upload a video from your files or record a brand new video using your camera app:

The Panopto beta app's upload screen, with the Choose Video or Audio File box indicated.           Android's Choose an Action screen overlaid on the Panopto beta app. It offers Files as an option at the bottom of the screen.

Panopto will ask you to allow it access to your camera and mic. Click Allow to proceed:

An Android notification asking to allow Panopto to take pictures and record video, with the Allow button indicated.

Please do a test recording. Your phone camera app is set by default to orient your picture properly, but the Panopto app does not do that. You have to figure out which side is up, otherwise you might upload a video that looks fine at first but will play upside down.

Never use portrait mode. If you do, Panopto will play the video sideways.


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