Zoom Security Updates

It is the goal of Emerson College to safeguard the data and privacy of all members of our college community and ensure that they can attend classes and conduct the college's business through means that are accessible and secure.

We are cognizant of the issues posed by all videoconferencing platforms in the modern age, and seek to ensure that our community's experience with Zoom is reliable and protected.  

We are continually reviewing and implementing the evolving Zoom security recommendations and closely following the Zoom blog. Any changes to default recommendations that we make are communicated via email and updated in our Securing Your Virtual Classroom guide

Implementations and Communications

We have single sign-on enabled for our users. This means that @emerson.edu user passwords are never shared with Zoom. All of the authentication happens on Emerson servers. Recently, news outlets reported that many Zoom accounts were stolen and sold on the dark web. In actual fact, Zoom did not have an account breach - rather, some users, who had been previously phished on other services such as Yahoo! Mail or Dropbox, used the same password on Zoom, allowing a malicious actor to access their account. Due to our use of single sign-on, Emerson Zoom users are not at risk of this attack

1/4/21: Only Authenticated Users Can Join will be a default setting for all newly created meetings. All participants will be required to sign in with a registered Zoom account before they can join virtual meetings and classes.

4/27/20: Zoom has enabled AES 256-bit GCM encryption across the platform for all users on Version 5.0 and later. Latest Zoom application version made available through Emerson Self-Service and for download at emerson.zoom.us/download.

4/6/20: Newly created Emerson Zoom meetings will require a password by default. Updated our Securing Your Virtual Classroom guide with FAQs. Email sent to campus.

3/31/20: Screen sharing settings within an Emerson Zoom account will automatically default to “Only Host”. Published a new guide about Securing Your Virtual Classroom. Email sent to campus.

3/10/20: Zoom Pro accounts made available to all members of the Emerson community. Updated Zoom guides. Email sent to campus.


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