Set up Parallels Client for Remote Applications

We deliver several remote applications via Parallels Client. Most notably, Avaya Desktop Agent for call center agents is Windows only and we have Mac OS users who require access.


  • If you are accessing Parallels Client from off-campus, make sure to connect to the VPN first.
  • If you are installing this on an Emerson-managed machine yourself, you will require either Administrator privileges or assistance from a Help Desk technician.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Parallels Client at If you're a Mac user, click the Mac tab to access the installer. Windows users will choose Parallels Client (Windows) 64-bit Setup.
  2. Run the installer and follow the prompts.
  3. Click File > New Connection and select Parallels Remote Application Server.
  4. For server, type, connection mode as Gateway Mode. Friendly name can be anything you'd like. Then click Advanced Settings.
  5. Put your Emerson username and password in the required fields. Click Save Password, and put in EMERSON as the domain. Check Auto-Start. On Mac, if it asks for access to your home folder, you can cancel. 
  6. You'll now see a variety of apps granted to you (such as Avaya Desktop Agent). Simply double-click and you'll have your application!
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