Adding Network Printers for Emerson Staff & Faculty with PrinterLogic


PrinterLogic is a managed printing solution that Emerson College has implemented. This application allows staff and faculty more autonomy with adding printers to their devices, and has allowed us to implement a clearer naming system for printers, troubleshoot remotely without always needing to visit in person, track the volume of printer usage across campus, and be notified of critical errors as they occur.

  Privacy Note

IT staff will not be able to view the contents of what is being printed.

If you are staff or faculty and using an Emerson-owned laptop and desktop computer, PrinterLogic will be installed automatically. To add printers to your device, follow the instructions below. You can also install PrinterLogic on a personal device if you bring one to campus and need to print.


If you are off-campus, you'll need to connect to VPN before proceeding.

Adding a Printer on an Emerson Owned Device

If you are using an Emerson owned device, then you should already have the PrinterLogic application installed in your task bar Screen_Shot_2021-01-25_at_11.18.40_AM.png along with the PrinterLogic Extension in your Chrome and Firefox browsers.


If you don't see those installed, please reach out to the Help Desk with your Emerson inventory C-Tag number, so that we can remotely send the application to your device.

  1. Open Chrome and go to in your browser window. 
  2. This should open a window in your browser that lists all the campus buildings. Click on your building and your floor.

    Image showing list of campus buildings 

  3. This will open a page that shows a floor plan with printer icons to represent the printers located in your area. If you scroll to the bottom, you can also select printers from a list. They will have a naming system similar to PK-019, PK-021. (We will be going around and affixing a label to each printer so that if you're on campus and walk up to the printer, you'll know which one you are adding.)

  4. Once you decide which printer to add, click Install Printer.Image showing the words Install Printer with printer icon

  5. You'll be asked to confirm the installation. Click Yes. You can also set that particular printer as default if you'd like. 
  6. The installer will run and show progress. When it's complete, you should receive a message that the printer installed successfully. Click OK.


    Image that says Printer PK-021 has been installed succesfully
Now you should be good to go! You can open up a document in any application and make sure you select the printer name that you just installed. 


Installing the PrinterLogic browser extension on Safari

The PrinterLogic browser extension for Chrome and Firefox should be installed automatically on your Emerson device. If your use Safari as your default browser, follow the steps below to get set up:

  1. Click the Safari menu at the top left corner, and select Preferences.
  2. Select Extensions, then search for the PrinterLogic Extension in the list, and check the box to enable.

Adding a Printer on a Personal Device

If you are using a personal device (not owned by Emerson), but are on campus and need to print to a staff or faculty printer:

    1. On your computer, open your Chrome browser.
    2. Type or copy this URL into the address field:
        NOTE: you will need to be connected to the Emerson network in order to navigate to this URL.
    3. Once you have navigated to you will be asked to install the PrinterLogic Client. Follow the on-screen instructions for installation and once complete, refresh the webpage. 
    4. You will then be prompted to install the PrinterLogic Chrome Extension. Follow the on-screen instructions and once complete, refresh the webpage. 
    5. Now follow the instructions above to locate your printer and add it to your device.

Removing Old Printers

Once you have installed your printers via PrinterLogic, you may want to remove the old printers from the list so as to avoid confusion about which one to select.

Remove a printer on Mac

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners.
  2. Select the printer in the list, click the Remove button, then click Delete Printer.

Remove a printer on Windows 10

  1. Open Control Panel. Click on Hardware and Sound.
  2. Click on Devices and Printers.
  3. Under the Printers section, right-click the device you want, and select the Remove device option.
  4. Click the Yes button to confirm.

Student Employees

If you have student employees working in your office that need access to the departmental or shared printer, please contact us by emailing with your office location, printer name, and student employees names to make arrangements.

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