IT Policy Index

Information Security

Data Governance - last updated 1/11/2022
Electronic Resources Acceptable Use - last updated 3/30/2021
Cyber Security Incident Reporting Policy - last updated 3/31/2021
Student Deactivation and Alumni Email Program - last updated 4/9/2020
Employee and Third Party Account Termination - last updated 10/6/2022
Written Information Security Policy - last updated 3/31/2021

Intellectual Property

Copyright Infringement
Copyright Infringement Notification
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing


Cookie Policy - last updated 11/7/2019
Privacy Notice - Alumni and Other Supporters (GDPR)
Privacy Policy - last updated 11/7/2019
Terms of Use (Website) - last updated 11/7/2019

User Support

IT Computer Purchasing Policy
IT Desktop Support Policy
IT Hardware Lifecycle and Redeploy Policy
IT Lab Printing and Refund Policy
IT Software Installation Policy
IT Temporary Workspace Lab Storage Policy


Records Management
Brand Policy (Domain Registration)
Faculty & Staff Phone Directory
Procurement Policy


Video Training Series


IT Internal Policies Index

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