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Using Zoom in Canvas

Zoom has been integrated into Canvas. To learn how to use Zoom outside of Canvas, please refer to this guide: Getting Start with Zoom

Enable Zoom in your Canvas course

1. Click Settings from the menu on the left panel.

2. Click Navigation.


3. Drag Zoom from the hidden items to the place where you would like it to appear in the Navigation.


4. Click Save.

Schedule a New Meeting

To schedule a new meeting via Zoom in Canvas:

1. Click "Zoom" tab on the left side.

2. Click "Schedule a New Meeting" button on the top-right.


3. Fill and/or configure the Settings.



[1] Topic: By default, it shows the course name.

[2] Description (Optional): Enter your meeting description if applicable.

[3] When: Select the date and time for the meeting.

[4] Duration: Set the time duration for the meeting.

[5] Time Zone: Determine the time zone, the default time zone is Eastern Time.


[6] Video: Select the video option for the meeting. The default settings for both Host and Participant are "off". However, users can turn on Video at any time during the zoom meeting.

[7] Audio: Select which audio input/output you prefer, default is "both".

[8] Meeting Options: Determine the meeting options, default settings allow participants to join the meeting before the host.

[9] Alternative Hosts: Fill in other Non-Emerson email address that you would like to use as a Host, or if you have a guest speaker that will be hosting the Zoom meeting.

4. Click the "Save" button to finish schedule the meeting.

5. After "Save", you have the options to add the meeting to calendars (eg. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Yahoo Calendar). Also, you may "Copy the invitation", share the meeting join link and details with your participants.

Start a Zoom Meeting

To start an upcoming Zoom meeting in Canvas:

1. Click on "Zoom" tab on the left of the site.

2. Find the meeting that you would like to start in the "Upcoming Meetings" tab.

3. Click "Start" button to start the zoom meeting.





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