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Drop-Off Devices at the Help Desk

Not only will the Help Desk fix Emerson-owned devices, but they'll also take students' personal devices. Your device may need to be dropped off your issue can't be solved over the phone, email, or by a visit to the Help Desk.


What's the process of dropping off hardware?

What does the Help Desk take?

What services does the Help Desk perform?

What does the Help Desk not do?


Dropping off hardware

What to bring:

  • your device
  • any accessories (such as a charger)

What to know/ have access to:

  • your password/pin
    • change your password after picking up your device
  • your Emerson ID number
  • if you are backing up or recovering data: where do you want it to go?

The process:

  1. come to the Help Desk (Walker 404)
  2. the Help Desk staff will take your information
    • name, Emerson ID number, contact information
    • an assigned 'C-tag' to identify your device
  3. the Help Desk will troubleshoot
    • please anticipate around 10 minutes of troubleshooting before your device is accepted
    • tell the Help Desk about the issues you're having
      • what it is
      • when it started
      • any error messages you see
    • if the Help Desk can fix your issue on the spot, you will not need to drop off your device
  4. give the Help Desk your password/pin
    • you can write the password on a sticky note that is placed inside/on the device; OR
    • go to the 'laptop drop-off' iPad and enter your password in a form there
    • change your password/pin when you pick up your device
  5. give the Help Desk any accessories they will need to access your device
    • ex: charger
  6. the Help Desk will take your device and accessories to the back
  7. the Help Desk will submit a ticket with your information that will be sent to your email
  8. you will be contacted when your device is ready for pickup

*student workers do not know when your device will be ready; the time it takes for your device to be fixed depends on the severity of the issue, the staff's workload, etc.


The Help Desk takes:

  • Emerson-owned devices
  • Apple or Windows machines
    • must be running at least macOS Sierra or Windows 8
  • external hard drives
  • tablets (iPads and some Windows tablets)
  • iPhone or Android
    • the Help Desk can only fix some smartphone issues
    • it may be more efficient to take your phone to a store to have it fixed

If a device is not listed above (such as TVs, printers, and gaming devices), the Help Desk does not take it.


The Help Desk can:

  • perform updates
  • install software
    • ex: Adobe Creative Cloud
  • software fixes/patches
  • data recovery
  • data backup
  • troubleshoot and answer questions


The Help Desk cannot:

  • repair or replace internal computer components on personal devices
    • ex: a malfunctioning internal hard drive
    • this will affect the device's warranty
  • work on unapproved devices
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