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Requesting and Registering Domain Names

Emerson College owns the domain name emerson.edu and all subdomains (such as it.emerson.edu). Additionally, community members, organizations, and departments will sometimes purchase Emerson affiliated domain names, such as paramountboston.org or emersonchannel.org.

Emerson College IT requires access to technical management of all domains purchased with Emerson funds or served by Emerson College. Supervisors from departments seeking a domain name must approve and oversee the purchase and renewal of domains in their purview. Domains must be purchased from Network Solutions (networksolutions.com) and subdomains of emerson.edu must be requested from IT.

New domain names that will be accessible on the Internet should be reviewed by the Office of Marketing before requested from IT.

It is the constituent department's responsibility to maintain an administrative and billing contact on the domain. Technical management, as managed by IT, includes DNS and subdomain management. IT reserves the right to modify server name entries on any Emerson owned domain for migration or technical purposes.

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