Using Panopto: In a Nutshell

The following summarizes the process of creating and providing Panopto videos.

Helpful Terms

Before you begin, familiarize yourself with Panopto's unique vocabulary:

Session: A video or audio recording
Creators: Instructors and TAs
Viewers: Students
Can Create: Can edit and upload videos to a folder
Can View: Can view videos
Share: Give others permission to view a video, to view a folder's contents, to upload to a folder, or edit a video

First, Get Your Media Into Panopto

  • Record a video using Panopto (or locate an existing video file on your computer).
  • For existing video files, Upload to Panopto (use My Folder unless ITG has provided you with a specific folder).

Next, Place the Video in a Canvas Course

  • Embed the video in a Canvas page, assignment, or discussion using the Panopto-embed button (panopto button: The Panopto-embed button, which looks like a recycling symbol.) above the text editor. Tell your students where to find the video in Canvas. Everyone in the course will automatically have permission to view it, so you don't need to edit sharing settings. You can embed multiple videos on the same page.
    • Shortcut: the Panopto-embed button also offers tabs for recording and uploading. So, if you know where you want to place a video in Canvas, you can go there and use this button as a one-stop-shop!

OR, Share the Video Outside of Canvas

  • Edit the video's sharing setting to add your intended audience as viewers.
  • Embed the video on a website or send its link via email. The people you shared within the previous step will have access.
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