What is SentinelOne?

SentinelOne is part of a new generation of security tools. We are deploying SentinelOne across all Emerson-owned computers to replace Kaspersky, our previous antivirus software.

Unlike traditional antivirus, SentinelOne is lightweight and should not affect the performance of your machine. Users will not be able to remove it without approval from the IT Security Team. 

How does SentinelOne work?

The steps that occur when SentinelOne detects a threat:

  • Kills the process.
  • Quarantines the threat.
  • Stops processes, quarantines binaries, removes linked libraries, deletes seed files, and restores configuration of the OS, application and user settings to the state before the attack. 
  • Rollback (Windows Only)
  • Restores the endpoint to a saved point.
  • How will this affect users?

On your Emerson-owned computer, you will see a new icon either in your system tray (Windows) or in your menu bar (Mac). You should not need to take any further action unless contacted by Emerson IT.

If you have any questions please submit a ticket to

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