Backing up your CreativityKit laptop

If you’ve experienced a problem with your CreativityKit laptop and it requires repair or replacement, choose one of the following options to ensure you’ve safely backed up all necessary files from your computer:

Backing Up To An External Hard Drive

  1. Purchase, connect, and format an external hard drive.
  2. Organize and copy your important user data from your computer to your external hard drive.
    • This can include your Photos, Music, and personal documents (usually found on your Desktop, in the Downloads folder, or in your Documents folder).
  3. Consolidate your Final Cut Pro X projects, events, and libraries, and copy them to your external hard drive
  4. Once all of your personal data and project files have been copied to the external hard drive, you’re done! 


  • It’s generally not necessary to copy the Applications folder or software to your new computer—fresh copies can be obtained through the Emerson IT Self Service portal and the Mac App Store.
    • If you’ve purchased software on your own, ensure you have access to the the original CD/DVD, USB stick, or digital delivery method (i.e., which is typically a download link sent to your email address), to be able to reinstall it later.
  • It should not be necessary for you to back up your Emerson Google calendar or email if using the Calendar or Mail app. Both of these can be resynchronized by following our email client guide.
  • For more details about this process (what does it mean, what options should should I select, and when?), have a look at Apple's guide on formatting hard drives using Mac OS Sierra.
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