Mimecast - Sending Encrypted Email

When sending confidential, sensitive, or personally identifiable information to a recipient outside of Emerson, we require that you encrypt the message. This requires the recipient to use a segregated online portal and user account to access the email.

To send an encrypted message when logged into your Emerson email:

  1. Simply add [ENCRYPT], [SECURE], or [PROTECT] in the subject of the email.


  2. The email will send from Secure Messaging Notification. Please have the recipient check their Spam and Inbox in their personal account to locate the message.


    The external recipient will receive a message inviting them to log into the Mimecast portal to retrieve the encrypted email. They will click on here in the email which will redirect them to the message portal.


  3. The user will redirect to the messaging portal. The recipient should enter their personal email address in the Log In section then click Next.


  4. If the recipient did not receive a password from the sender they can set their own password. (Note: This can also be used for users who have set a password previously and need to reset it.) To reset the password, have them click Forgot your password?


  5. They will enter their personal email address and click Reset Password.


    A confirmation message will appear to show that the password reset email was sent.


  6. The password reset email sends from Postmaster and titled "Secure Messaging Password Reset Confirmation." Make sure the recipient checks both Inbox and Spam for this message.


  7. The recipient should open the password reset email and click here to reset the password. 


  8. Create a new password meeting all the specified requirements and Confirm.


  9. The recipient will redirect to the main login screen for the encrypted message. They should enter their personal email address and click Next, then enter the password they just created.

The recipient successfully logged into the Mimecast portal for encrypted messages! They can think of this as a separate mailbox that only contains encrypted messages sent by Emerson College, complete with an inbox and deleted items and they can even reply and compose new messages.



After the recipient opens the message, the Emerson sender will receive a read receipt.



If the recipient needs to reply, they should reply inside the Mimecast portal to maintain the security of the message. If they do, the Emerson user will receive a reply that indicates that's how they handled the message.


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