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Try This First: Click the Panopto Button in Canvas

If your students can’t see Panopto videos, please ask each of them to click the "Panopto" button in any of their current Canvas course menus—then return to the page where the video was embedded, and try again!

If a student has never used Panopto before, clicking the Panopto button in Canvas for the first time automatically creates their user account. This will allow them view to any video that's been shared with them and then embedded on a page, assignment, or discussion.

When clicking the Panopto button, be sure to let the page fully load, then navigate back to the page where the video is embedded to view it (you may need to refresh). You only need to do this once.

Similarly, if you're an instructor and can't see videos—or if your class isn't appearing in the "Invite people" box in sharing settings—you need to first click the Panopto button in your Canvas course. This will automatically create the course's user group.

Here’s the Panopto button's location in every Canvas course menu:

Click the Panopto button in Canvas.

After clicking the Panopto button, the user will be taken to a view of their folders in Panopto. From here, the user can either navigate to any shared folders, or return to the Canvas page upon which a video is embedded to view it.

Although Panopto is also reachable at panopto.emerson.edu, you must access it at least once from Canvas in order to gain the proper permissions. We recommend creating an Announcement for your students about this at the beginning of each semester.

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