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Navigating Folders in Panopto

Where is My Folder?

ITG recommends uploading videos to My Folder and sharing them out on a case-by-case basis. That way, you’ll build up a lasting video library. Here’s how to find My Folder (and navigate Panopto’s folders in general):

1. Go to any one of your current term’s Canvas courses. Click the Panopto button in the lefthand course menu. You will be taken to your course folder in Panopto.

Note: Only the instructor can upload to this course folder, but students have viewing permission. Uploading here is a good way to quickly share videos with your students. However, you cannot use this folder to display videos to future classes.



2. Click the title of the folder (your course’s name) to the right of the grey folder icon. You will be offered a dropdown menu of folders to which you have access. Click “My Folder.”



3. You are now in your personal Panopto folder. By default, videos you upload here are viewable only by you. If you wish, you can click the purple Create button to upload or record media here.



You can also access My Folder from the Panopto portal (external to Canvas).

1. Go to panopto.emerson.edu and log-in with your Emerson account. This takes you to the Panopto video library.

2. In the “Browse” section of the lefthand panel, click “My Folder.” You are now in your personal Panopto folder and can Create here as well.



NOTE: Other users can only access their own “My Folder,” not yours. So, even if you share a video in My Folder with your students, you’ll still need to embed it on a Canvas page if you’d like them to have access to it.

For embedding instructions, see the “To Share with Specific Courses or People” section of this guide to sharing in Panopto.

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