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Move Videos from Median to Panopto

When Median shuts down on 6/1/2018, videos stored there will no longer be available. Please follow this guide to migrate your videos from Median to Panopto. To learn more about Panopto, please visit our Panopto support pages.

If you have videos embedded in Canvas from Median, you’ll need to download those videos from Median, upload them to Panopto, and then re-embed them in Canvas. Here’s what an embedded Median video in Canvas looks like:

What a Median embed looks like.

Use the following steps to move videos to Panopto and re-embed them in your course:

1. Go to median.emerson.edu and log-in with your Emerson username and password. Then click “Manage Your Content” in the lefthand menu.

The Median interface.

2. This takes you to a list of all videos you’ve uploaded to Median. Optionally, on this page you can click the purple “Export a spreadsheet summary of all your media” link to download a sheet that lists your videos’ titles, durations, owners, and more data. 

3. When you’re ready to download some or all of your videos, click the green “Download” button to the right of each desired video. Wait until each video downloads; this may take several minutes or more depending on the size of the videos. 

NOTE: Bulk downloading is unavailable.

NOTE 2: Before uploading your videos to Panopto, you'll need to ensure they're all MP4 files with the H.264 codec. See this guide on how to encode your videos for streaming.

Median's download button, located in the Manage Your Entries view.

4. In your Canvas course, click the “Panopto” button in the lefthand course menu. This takes you to your Panopto course folder, and lets you browse videos in your other Panopto folders.

Click the Panopto button in Canvas.

5. Use the dropdown folder selector to choose My Folder. This is where you want to upload your videos. 

Navigate to My Folder using the folder dropdown at top left.

6. Click the purple “Create” button, then click “Upload media.” Follow the prompts to upload each of the video files you’ve downloaded from Median. When they’re all done uploading and in the “processing” stage, you can navigate away from the upload window.

Click the Create button and select Upload Media.

7. Return to your view of My Folder in Panopto (as in steps 4 and 5). Your videos will take a few minutes or more to process. You can refresh the page periodically to check their progress. When your videos are finished, their thumbnails will appear. Hover your mouse over the video you desire to embed in Canvas, and new buttons will appear. Click the Share button.

When you hover over a video, the Share button appears.

8. Make sure that “Who has access” is set to “Specific people.” In the text box under “Invite People,” enter your course number. The box will auto-fill with matching courses. You need to choose your course twice: first its Creators, then its Viewers. This will ensure that the video is available to students as well as TAs and other non-students. 

Give a whole class permission to view a video.

9. When the course’s Creators and Viewers have been added to the box, uncheck “Notify people via email.” Then click the purple “Save changes” button.

The Save Changes button is at the bottom of the Sharing page.

10. Go to the page in Canvas on which you wish to replace or embed the new video. Click the grey “Edit” button at top right. 

The Edit button is at the top right of a Canvas page.

11. If there is an existing Median video in the text editor, delete it by placing your cursor after it, then pressing Delete on your keyboard. Place your cursor where you’d like the new video to be. Then, click the green Panopto button in the editor.

Use the green Panopto button in the editor to upload and insert video.

12. You will be given the option to Choose, Upload, or Record video to this page. Select My Folder from the folder dropdown menu, then under Choose, select your video. Click the purple “Insert” button at bottom right.

The video chooser and inserter window.

13. Your video should appear on the page. Click the blue “Save” button at bottom right when it’s placed to your satisfaction.

Save your edited Canvas page.

You’ve now successfully moved your video from Median to Panopto and re-embedded it in Canvas.

An image of an embedded Panopto video in Canvas.


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