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Whether you are a student enrolled in VM261: Computer Animation, VM363: Advanced Computer Animation or any VMA class requiring you to render out an image sequence/animation, you may find that both time and computational power are quite valuable resources. Perhaps you rely on your own machine, or at other times you may find yourself needing additional computational power.

As one option, we have the Render Farm (On-Campus/Off-Campus). But perhaps the Render Farm's queue is busy or is insufficient for your rendering needs. Bearing this in mind, this article will introduce to you the Emerging Media Lab's Overnight Render Policy.

Making the Request

When making your request, please give us at least a day's worth of notice, if possible. In order to create to an Overnight Render Request, please do the following:

  1. Create a Reservation for either a Workstation or EML VR Suite with a start time set an hour before closing on the given day (i.e. a reservation for 9PM on a day where we close at 10PM). Please refer here for our hours.
  2. Email postproduction@emerson.edu regarding the Overnight Render request. Please include in that email:
    • What Render Engine you will be using (i.e. Maya Arnold, Maya Software, etc.)
    • How many Total Frames you will need, and Frame Range (i.e. frames 50-90), if applicable.
    • The Image Format of the frames (PNG, JPEG, etc.)
    • The desired resolution or Image Size Preset (720p, 1080p, etc.)
    • (If applicable) Name(s) of the camera(s) the will need to be rendered.
      You may find this language reflects Maya's Render Settings, please be sure to double-check them.

Students enrolled in computer animation courses and other relevant academic coursework will take priority. Requests will generally be taken on a case-by-case basis otherwise, accounting for general usage of the lab's machines.

Preparation & Setup

Please ensure your scene is ready and all set for rendering. Please refer to the Rendering in Maya article, making sure your scene renders as a sequence with the correct enumeration, image format, render camera, and image size preset (720p, 1080p, etc.). If possible, please test this beforehand on either one of our workstations during a prior checkout or on your own machine.

Please stop by to the EML during your reservation time to drop off your project, once again checking your render settings and scene are setup correctly before your project is left overnight. Once this is done, the project will be left to render overnight up to opening the next day, with a cut-off time an hour after opening.

From here, you may stop by to copy rendered frames back onto your hard-drive or you may request them to be uploaded to an accessible directory on the Bin

Closing Notes

With that, you should be all set to request and render your project overnight within the EML. For any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to postproduction@emerson.edu or to contact an on-shift lab assistant during our hours, please call the EML Annex phone at (617) 824-3967. With that, best of luck and happy rendering!

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