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Office 365 for students

Emerson students, faculty, and staff have free access to two different online productivity suites: Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365. Due to its versatility, ease of use, and unlimited storage, we generally recommend people use Google Apps for Education. See our guide here for more information on it!

If you would rather use Office 365, here’s how to get started:

Please note: These instructions are for students and faculty. Staff members, please contact the help desk for assistance setting up Office 365.

  1. Visit office.com and click on the link for students and teachers to get Office.
    Finding the student/teacher link on office.com
  2. Submit your @emerson.edu email address, then select whether you are a student or a teacher.
  3. Office 365 will send you an email that looks like the one below. Click Yes, that's me, which will take you to a web page to finish creating your account.
    Sample Office 365 verification email
  4. On the Create your account page, enter your name, create a unique password for this site, then click Start.
  5. You will be logged in, and your account will start to populate with the web applications available to you. This may take a few minutes to complete.
    Initial Office 365 sign-in page
  6. You're all set! Next time you want to use Office 365, simply sign in with this password at office.com.
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