Mounting Box with ExpanDrive (Obsolete)

Note: If you are currently using ExpanDrive, we ask that you uninstall it and install Box Drive. For uninstall instructions, visit For instructions on installing Box Drive, visit

The following instructions are for reference purposes only.

While Box Sync is an option for interacting with Box in a folder on your computer, it has several limitations. If you or your department house a large number of files (thousands), it could take a very long time to sync from your computer, and could cause some performance issues. We also limit Sync to one device per user to minimize the number of places your data is copied.

Some departments work from shared database files, such as applications that run from shared drives like Filemaker or Microsoft Access.

If some or all of these problems make Box Sync unattractive, we offer software that allows you to mount your Box Account as a drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ExpanDrive is NOT able to tell you if your file is currently being edited by another user, which may cause collaborators to overwrite one another's versions. If your department relies on the ability to lock files that are being edited, we continue to recommend Box Edit and/or Box Sync. For simultaneous collaboration, tools like Office Online (can be launched via Box online) and Google Docs are recommended.

1. Download "ExpanDrive" from the URLs below:




2. Launch the installer and follow the prompts to complete installation. 


3. Log into as you would through the web interface.


4. When you authenticate with two-factor, remember to check "Remember me for 60 days" 


5. Grant access to Box.

6. If you're on Windows, you'll have to assign a drive letter. It can be any letter, but what's important is that everyone in your office use the same letter. We recommend B, for Box.


7. Check "Reconnect at login" if you want your Box drive to mount automatically when you log into the computer.

8. Now simply click the "Play" button to mount the drive.

9. You'll see a new drive on your computer! Feel free to make desktop or start menu shortcuts as you see fit.

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