Getting Started with Cognos


Please note that access to Cognos has been restricted due to its impending decommissioning.  

Please see the article about how to start using Argos, the current reporting tool.



What is Cognos?

Cognos is “Business Intelligence” software which allows you to pull Banner data from the ODS using a pre-made report. You can pull this data into PDF or Excel format. For example, one can use Cognos to pull a list of students who meet some criteria, or a list of courses for a certain term

Do I Need to Know How to Build Reports?

Offices that maintain Banner data have dedicated report writers who take data requests. If you need data that isn't available in an existing report, contact the office that maintains that data.

How Do I Run a Report?

To run an existing report, you would simply login to using your Emerson credentials. You would then click Team content

This will take you to the main folder. From here you can navigate to your office’s folder to find a report and run it. 

Run reports by clicking the Run with Options () button to the right of a report.

You’ll then be prompted for the desired format, along with any information the report needs.

HTML mode will let you view the data directly in your browser. If you pick this format, you can navigate the different pages of the report by using the controls on the bottom-left of the page. 

If you pick Excel or PDF, your browser fill prompt you to save the file.

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