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Using Classroom Touchpanels

Most classrooms have an easy to use touch panel either located at the teaching table or in a rack nearby. This touch panel allows you to control all of the media equipment in the room from one location. Using this system is as easy as a touch of the finger, and very intuitive. See below for details on using a control system in your classroom.

Media Services is happy to provide individual training in your classroom. Call 617-824-8676 or email media_services@emerson.edu to schedule an appointment. 


Using the Classroom Touchpanels

1. This is the Welcome Screen that will be displayed when the system is idle and not in use. Just touch the screen anywhere to begin.

2. This is the warm-up screen that will be displayed after the system is started. This will give the projector sufficient time to start-up and be ready for use.

3. This is the main screen that will be displayed when the system is ready to use. This screen prompts the user to select a source.

4. There should be a computer located at the instructor’s desk or in the computer rack. To display that on the projector, select "In Room Computer". It may also be labeled as "Desktop", "Lectern PC", "Mac" or "iMac".

5. If you brought your own computer, there is a Laptop connection provided at the top of the instructor's desk. We try to provide both an HDMI connection and VGA. If you need an adapter to plug in your laptop, call us at 617-824-8676 or visit us in Ansin 409 to borrow one for the class period.

6. If you have a laptop that connects through HDMI, select Laptop HDMI as the source. After you plug it in, if the image display or ratio looks off, press the auto image button on the touch screen.

7. There may also be a Laptop VGA connection located on the top of the instructor’s desk. If your laptop connects via VGA cable, plug it in and select Laptop VGA as your source.

8. Most classrooms have a Blu-Ray disc player. If you want to play a movie, select Blu-Ray disc as your source.

9. Most classrooms have a DVD/VCR player. If you want to play a movie, select DVD/VCR Combo as your source.

10. When class is over, be sure to sign out of the computer. If another class immediately follows you, it is the most energy-efficient to leave the media equipment on for the next class to use, otherwise, it takes more time and energy to power everything off and then back on again. However, if you are the last class of the day, please touch the End Class button on the touch panel and confirm that you would like to Shutdown the Audio/Video System. 

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