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Video Conferencing

Media Services can assist with setting up web cameras for video conferencing in the classroom or for college events. These camera setups can be used with distance education meeting software such as Zoom.

More details about videoconferencing options at Emerson can be found here.

The use of these cameras with other systems may need prior setup and software installation on local computers. Media Services can assist in setting up the equipment and train users to operate the equipment at no charge.

Please give advance notice with your request for video conferencing assistance. It is also helpful to get the information from the person you are calling (such as their Skype name) in advance so we can schedule a test call before the actual day of your event.

Media Services is responsible for providing and maintaining equipment used in the College's classrooms and meeting spaces, but not in production curriculum facilities, theaters, the campus center, or dedicated computer facilities.
Requests for video recordings that require multiple cameras or are to be used for archival or broadcast purposes should be directed to Emerson Productions in the Department of Television, Radio and Film.

Contact Media Services by phone 617-824-8676 or email media_services@emerson.edu to schedule assistance.



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