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Twitter Feed for WordPress

The Custom Twitter Feeds plugin is the easiest way to embed a Twitter feed of a user's timeline or hashtag on your blog.

Setting Up the Custom Twitter Feeds Plugin

  • On the blog where you want to set up your Twitter Feed, go to your Dashboard, then choose Plugins from the menu on the left.
  • Under the Social Category (or if you just scroll down a bit) you will see Custom Twitter Feeds. Activate this plugin.

Go to plugins, find Custom Twitter Feeds, and activate it.

  • You should now see a new item at the bottom of your lefthand dashboard menu: Twitter Feeds, with a bluebird icon to its left. Click it to access your feed's settings.

The Custom Twitter Feeds settings button.


If you don't want to use the provided shortcode to embed the feed on a page or post, you can also use a Widget:

  • Back in the lefthand menu, hover over Appearance and choose Widgets from its submenu.
    • On your Widgets page, Available Widgets are listed alphabetically on the left, and the Sidebar(s) to which the widgets can be added are listed on the right.
  •  Grab the box labeled Custom Twitter Feeds and drag it over to your sidebar of choice. You may give it a title if you wish. Otherwise, it's ready-to-go based on the settings you entered while setting up the feed.

How to add a widget to a sidebar.

  • If you'd like more than one twitter feed, drag over another copy of the Custom Twitter Feeds box from the Available Widgets area to a different sidebar. This widget allows for multiple instances.

If you need assistance at any step of the way, please contact ITG@emerson.edu.

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