What is MetroFax?

Emerson is replacing analog fax machines with electronic, email-based faxing via MetroFax. Instead of printing out at a physical fax machine, faxes are received in a departmental email inbox as attachments to email messages. Switching to MetroFax removes the need for a dedicated fax machine in the office and keeps faxing workflows entirely electronic. Your fax number does not need to change. 

There are several steps to setting up a MetroFax account at Emerson. When you are ready to start the process, submit a request with IT and let us know so we can walk you through the process.

Setting MetroFax up for Your Department

  1. Plan
    • You will want to figure out how to divide your department up into groups of fax users. If you are one of several departments that currently share a fax machine, you will probably stop sharing and open separate MetroFax accounts.
    • For almost all faxing purposes at Emerson, IT recommends the “Essential” membership level. This allows for 500 pages of faxed documents per month. Departments who fax at high volume should consider the “Value” membership level. It’s a difference of about $5 per month.
    • An “Essential” level account can have up to 5 separate email addresses attached to it. It is possible to use one address for sending faxes and one for receiving faxes. It is also possible to do everything from a single address. Decide what works for you and put in a ticket with IT to get the email address(es) set up.
    • Designate one or two people to be managers of MetroFax. These people will be able to log in to the administrative interface for MetroFax and will control access to the faxing email account(s).
  2. Purchase a Subscription
    • Purchase your MetroFax subscription with a credit card at www.metrofax.com. You can pay for this subscription either monthly or annually. You cannot purchase with a PO.
    • The MetroFax account will be created in one person’s name and tied to one email address. One of the MetroFax managers should create the MetroFax account and should pass on the account details to any other managers.
    • You'll need to add your department's faxing email address to the account in order to give it permission to send and receive faxes through MetroFax. Consult our Configuring Faxing Email Addresses in MetroFax guide for assistance.
    • MetroFax will give you a new local fax number when you sign up for a subscription. You can use this number to test MetroFax’s functionality. Your department’s fax number will remain active on the physical fax machine throughout this step. Here are some good tests to run:
      • Send a fax from MetroFax to your department’s physical fax machine
      • Send a fax from your department’s physical fax machine to MetroFax
      • Send a fax with a cover page using MetroFax
      • Send a fax with a large PDF attachment
  3. Cut Over to MetroFax
    • When you’re finished testing, contact the IT department to have your department’s fax number redirected to the MetroFax number. Faxes sent to your Emerson number will be routed through MetroFax and appear in the inbox of the email account(s) you have chosen.
    • To discard your old fax machine, put in a recycling work order with Facilities.
  4. Set Up Access
    • Access to the email account(s) your department uses for faxing will be controlled by group membership. Designated managers will be able to edit group membership from the Group Management Tool hosted on Pages:
      1. Go to http://pages.emerson.edu/myaccount/groupmanagement/ 
      2. Log in with your Emerson username and password.
      3. Select the group you want to edit and click Edit Group.
      4. To add a user, enter their Emerson username (usually firstname_lastname) in the Add Users field. Only enter one username on each line. When you’ve entered all desired names, click Add.
      5. To remove a user, check the box next to their username in the Remove Users area and click Remove.

For more information about how to set up your department's faxing email account in Gmail, please consult this guide.

For a step-by-step guide to sending a fax via MetroFax, please use this guide.

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