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Using the ECmail Web App

At Emerson, we use Microsoft's Exchange email system for all students, faculty, and staff. One of its best features is the online web app; you can access all of your email here as well as your calendar, and it replicates features of most regular email clients. In fact, many people use the web app exclusively to access their ECmail!

We hope you like using the new web app as much as we do!

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Main OWA webapp view

When you log in, you'll see the familiar list of incoming email. At the top of the list, you can search for email inside your mailbox. You can restrict your search to either the current folder or the entire mailbox. You are also given options to search by Keyword or other elements.

If you search for John, you'll be prompted to search for:

  • Keyword: John
  • From: John Smith

You can use these filters and types of searches to very easily and quickly find exactly the message you're looking for. Across the top, you'll see tabs for "Mail," "Calendar," "People," and "Tasks." This is how you will get from one section to another.

Message Detail View

When viewing a message, the Reply, Reply All, and Forward buttons are always visible. If you need other functions, like Delete or Print, you will need to click on the three dots next to Forward to expand that area. This also lets you open messages in separate windows if necessary.

Opening an additional mailbox

Some people on campus need to open additional mailboxes, aside from their own. If you have a departmental email address, for example, you may need to access that from time-to-time. This is easy to do, by clicking on the down arrow next to your name at the top-right of the window. From that dropdown list, choose Open another mailbox.... Then just type the name of the other mailbox, and it'll even auto-complete the name for you.

You now have the ability to add a photo to your profile. Whenever you email people, this photo will show up next to your name. This can be especially useful to put faces to names across campus.

Changing your profile photo in the Webapp

To add a photo, click on the down arrow next to your name in the top-right corner, and click on "change" underneath the blank profile photo.

Uploading your own photo in the Webapp

Click on the change button and choose your photo (one that's in square proportions will work best!) and then click on the save button. That's it!


CalendarMain webapp calendar view

The calendar section works just as any other calendar application. You get an overview of your day, work week, full week, or month, in addition to the day's agenda. You can add events to your calendar with the button at the top left.

OWA Calendar detail

You can also add other people's calendars to your view here. Right-click in the gray area underneath "Other Calendars" and choose Open Calendar. Then, in the box marked "From Directory," just type the name of the person whose calendar you want to access!



You have the ability to completely chnage the look and color scheme of your ECmail webapp, so you can make it distinctively yours.

Changing the theme in the webapp

Click on the "Settings" cogwheel next to your name at the top-right, and choose Change theme.

Various available themes in the webapp

Then, a list of theme options will appear on the right side and you can choose whatever you like best.



The Web app has many other options that you can configure, much like the regular version of Microsoft Outlook.

Changing options in the Webapp

Again click on the "Settings" cogwheel and this time choose Options.

Viewing basic account information in the Webapp

From the first tab alone, you have quite a few options. If you have a profile photo added, it will show up here. You can also see how much of your email space quota you are currently using. There is also a quick shortcut to setting up an Out of Office message, now referred to simply as Automatic Replies.

Automatic Replies settings in the Webapp

You can also get to the Automatic Replies section in the second tab, "Organize email." Here, you have all the same controls as Outlook. You can specify start and end times for your automatic replies, as well as define if they should only be sent to internal Emerson addresses, or anyone outside the organization.

Defining your email signature in the Webapp

In the fifth tab down, "Settings," you can define your email signature, along with other personal options.

Have questions? You can always reach out to the IT Help Desk and we'll be glad to help!

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