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Adding an Additional Mailbox to Outlook

Note: These guides use GradFax@emerson.edu as an example email address. Please substitute all instances of GradFax@emerson.edu for the email address of the mailbox you are trying to add.

Before you can follow these steps, you need to make sure you have Full Access to the mailbox you are trying to add. You can check this by logging in to https://owa.emerson.edu, navigating to [Your Name] > Open Another Mailbox... . Type the email address of the mailbox here and click Open. If you can get in, then you have Full Access! If you can't, please put in a request for Full Access.

Outlook for Windows:

1. Navigate to File > Add Account

2. Enter “GradFax” in the Your Name field. Enter "GradFax@emerson.edu" in the E-mail Address field. Enter “test” into both of the Password fields. Click Next.

3. You will see the following message pop up. Click Yes.

4. You will see three green check marks indicating that the account has been found and added. Before clicking Next, make sure you CHECK the box in the lower left hand corner that says “Change account settings.”

5. In the window that appears, UNCHECK the box in the lower left hand corner that says “Use Cached Exchange Mode”. Then click Finish.

6. A box will pop up tell you to restart Outlook. Click OK, then quit Outlook completely and open it again.

7. When Outlook starts up again, a box will pop up asking you for credentials to connect to GradFax@emerson.edu. You will see that the first option in the list of credentials is your personal Emerson account. Enter your Emerson password in the Password field and click OK

8. When Outlook opens, the GradFax@emerson.edu account should be in the left hand sidebar, under your inbox and folders.

Outlook 2011 or 2016 for Mac:

Go to Outlook > Preferences > Accounts and click the Advanced… button.

Navigate to the Delegates tab.

Under People I am a delegate for…, click the + button and enter GradFax@emerson.edu into the box that pops up. Click Find, select GradFax@emerson.edu, then click OK.

You will see GradFax@emerson.edu in your list of delegates now. Click OK again, then close the Preferences pane.

After a moment, you will see the GradFax@emerson.edu inbox appear under your inbox and folders in Outlook. It will have its own heading, as below.

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