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Accessing Public Folders in ECMail

Public Folders are a popular way of creating additional email addresses, particularly when multiple people need to access the inbox. The main benefit of the Public Folder is that authentication is handled via your existing ECnet username and password, so there's no additional password to distribute, remember, or reset.

Because Public Folders are a deeply ingrained feature of Exchange, generally, only Microsoft products are able to access them. On a Mac, this means Outlook 2011. On Windows, any recent version of Outlook will be by far the best option. Skip ahead to your specific email application:

Microsoft Outlook 2013 for Windows

The default view in Outlook is Mail. In order to find the Public Folders, you need to switch to the Folder List view.

The easiest way to change to the Folder List is via the “…” shortcut above. Click on the “…” and then click “folders" to get to the Folder List.

From there, you can expand the folder list to view all the folders in your group. In our case, the group is Emerson College under “All Public Folders."

If your Public Folder is mail-enabled, and you have been granted Send As permission, you are able to send email from that email address.

Sending As another email address in Outlook 2010

  • Click on the Options tab
  • Click on From in the Show Fields section of the Ribbon
  • Now you will have an additional field in your message composition window where you can change the From address. Click Other E-mail Address... and specify the address of the Public Folder.

Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X

Tools > Public Folders in Outlook 2011

From the main Outlook window, click on the Tools tab, and then the Public Folders button.

Subscribing to a Public Folder with Outlook 2011

The Public Folders window opens, and you can browse to the folder you are looking for. ClickSubscribe. After you subscribe to the Public Folder, it will be available in the list of mail folders on the left.

If your Public Folder is mail-enabled, and you have been granted Send As permission, you are able to send email from that email address; Outlook just needs a bit of configuration to set that up.

Tools > Accounts in Outlook 2011

Click on the Tools menu at the top of the screen, and then click on Accounts...

Advanced Account properties in Outlook 2011

Make sure that your account is selected on the left side and click Advanced...

Adding account access in Outlook 2011

Click on the Delegates tab, and then click the Plus sign under the "People I am a delegate for:" section.

Selecting the user to add access in Outlook 2011

Enter the name of the Public Folder and click Find. Select the result in the list and click OK. Click OK again to close the Advanced properties window and then close the Accounts window.

Sending As another email address in Outlook 2011

Now, when you send or reply to an email, there is an extra field available marked From: where you can change the address your email is sent from.

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