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Backing Up Data at Emerson College

Backing up is the process of copying data for future use in the event that the original data is lost, corrupted, or stolen. Additional copies of data are called backups. 

How can I backup my data?

Cloud backups are Internet-hosted services such as Google Drive and Box. These backups are accessible from anywhere and are safe from physical damage. 

Local backups are external hard drives that are connected to your computer. Local backups are the fastest way to copy data, but are susceptible to the same causes of data loss as the original data. 



  • Google Drive  is a great tool to backup your data. Students, Staff, and Faculty have unlimited storage space within Google Drive. Google Drive is accessible through drive.google.com and signing in with your Emerson Credentials. 
    • Google Drive also has apps such as Backup and Sync and File Stream to help automate your backups and access to Google Drive. You can find more info about those programs here
  • Box is another great tool to backup your data. Students, Staff, and Faculty have 25GB of storage allocated to their accounts. Box is accessible though box.emerson.edu and signing in with your Emerson credentials along with Two Factor Authentication with Duo. 
    • Box also has apps such as Box Sync and Box Drive to help organize and automate your cloud backup. For more information on Box Drive click here. For more information on Box Sync click here.


  • Flash and External Hard Drives are another great tool for backups, this option is preferable if speed is a factor. But like with your internal disk drive the data could also be lost with any malfunction of the drive. 




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