Configuring Java for INB

Java is a web-based application platform that is required to access INB, Internet Native Banner.

Java updates frequently, and each update contains vital security updates, so it's important to keep your installed copy up-to-date. If you need to install or update Java, it's available free at Not sure if you have it? Java's also got a handy Do I have Java tool!

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Java

As of Chrome version 42, Google has phased out the use of a particular type of plugin, called NPAPI. Java uses this type of plugin, so even if you have everything set up correctly, Java will still be disabled in Chrome. Additionally, Microsoft's Edge browser and Mozilla Firefox have discontinued support for NPAPI plugins.

Fortunately, Mozilla has made their Extended Support Release of Firefox publicly available, which does still support NPAPI plugins. Users should download and install the version needed for their platform below, and turn off automatic updates:

Installer for Mac

Turning off Updates for Mac:

  1. Open Firefox and navigate to the Firefox menu and select Preferences.
  2. Select Advanced from the left sidebar.
  3. Select the Update tab.
  4. Select Never Check for Updates.

Installer for Windows

Turning off Updates for Windows:

  1. Open Firefox and hit the ALT button.
  2. Select the Tools menu and select Options.
  3. Select Advanced from the let sidebar.
  4. Select the Update tab.
  5. Select Never Check for Updates.

Installing Java

While installing Java, it can be tempting to just click through Yes, Yes, Next, OK. Unfortunately, Java now bundles the Search Toolbar plugin with the Java installer. This is Adware, being distributed due to a partnership with Oracle. Please make sure to uncheck the box below to NOT install this toolbar!

Installing Java


Have it installed and still can't get to INB? Here are a few additional steps you need to take:

    1. Open either System Preferences on OS X or the Control Panel on Windows, and open the Java Control Panel, labeled Java.
    2. Click on the Security tab, and click on Edit Site List... to add a site exception
    3. Click Add and type - when you press Enter, Java will warn you that this is considered a security risk. Click Continue, this is not a problem!
    4. If you need access to PPRD as well, add another exception for and again click Continue
    5. Click OK to close the Exception Site List
    6. Then click the button marked Restore Security Prompts, and then click OK

Java Site Exception for INB

You may need to restart your browser after making these changes in order to fully enable Java. Then, you'll need to accept a few warning boxes as you connect to INB, but then you'll be all set to log in.

Allow Java to run to access INB

  Having any trouble?

Submit a request or call the Help Desk and we'll be glad to help get you set up!


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