Do's & Don'ts for faculty and staff

Keep these quick Do's and Don'ts in mind as you get started at Emerson.


…Memorize your Emerson username and password

You will need these for just about everything computer-related on campus.

…Provide your external contact information at My Emerson Account

This will let you use our password reset tool if you forget your Emerson password down the line.

…Sign up for the Emergency Notification System a.k.a. Emerson Alert

Sign up at to receive alerts in the event of a campus emergency or closure.

This differs from updating your Emergency Contacts in eCommon, which is just as important! Your Emergency Contacts are who the school will contact if you have a personal emergency.

…Contact the I.T. Help Desk for technology help

For your own computer or in the labs, if something isn’t working right, let us know. We are here to help!

You can find step-by-step guides, updates, and other resources at our website, or you can visit Walker 404, call 617-824-8080, or talk to the lab assistant on duty.

…Yourself a favor and read the school's policies

All policies are posted at and IT related policies are collected in our guide index.


…Be shy about contacting us

Even if it seems like a small problem, we're here to help! Fixing it now may prevent a huge headache down the road.

…Share your password

Your password grants access to a lot of personal information that you won’t want others to see, plus, you are responsible for any activity done with your account. For security reasons, we recommend that you change your password on a regular basis.

…Use pirated software or install unapproved software

It's a sure way to infect your computer or otherwise degrade your computer's performance. Instead, contact your manager and the IT Help Desk about getting the software you need on your work computer.

You are always welcome to try out software in our computer labs. Remember, too, that you are eligible for educational discounts!

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