File Storage

Emerson provides cloud-based file storage via Box and Google Drive to collaborate with other users and backup your important files. We also offer locally hosted servers Pages for web hosting and Isilon for editing large media files directly from the network.


Here's a quick rundown of your cloud storage options at Emerson:

  Box Google Drive Pages Isilon
Students yes yes yes yes
Faculty yes yes yes yes
Staff yes yes yes yes
Accessible from off-campus yes yes yes      via FTP  
Edit/work with large media files over the network       yes
Private folders yes yes yes yes
Shared folders yes yes read-only yes
Suitable for sensitive files
(Secure and managed by Emerson IT)
Live collaboration on documents through Google Docs and Sheets yes    
Storage space per person 25 GB Unlimited 2GB 120GB


Learn more about all these services and how to use them:

Students, read up on how your access to these services changes when you graduate.

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