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Integrating with Google Docs/Sheets

All Box accounts are configurable for use with Google Docs and Google Sheets. You can store and edit new Google Docs directly from Box, and edit other document types, such as Microsoft Word files, from Google Docs.

Create a New Google Doc from Box

1. Click New > Google Doc, and name the document.

New Google Doc Name the Google Doc


2. If prompted, sign into Google with your Emerson credentials, and approve Box's access request.

Sign into Google Accept

3. Your Google Doc will launch into a separate browser window. If the top right says "SIGN IN," simply click the SIGN IN link.




4. Back at your Box account, you'll notice a new *.gdoc file.

New *.gdoc


5. You can open the document any time by double clicking the file, and then click Open. You'll be accessed for permission to launch Google Docs (which you can silence forever if you'd like).

Open Google Doc

Edit with Google Docs


6. While editing your Google Doc, notice the icon to the left of your Google Doc file - it's not a lock, but rather a small pencil, indicating that a user is editing the file live.

Currently being edited

7. If you log into Google Drive while the document is open and being edited, you'll see the Google Doc among all your other documents. As soon as you've saved and closed the Google Doc, it will disappear from Google Drive and only be accessible from Box.

Google Drive


Edit Another File Type from Google Docs

Box allows you to use Google Docs as an editor for other document types, like Microsoft Word. To open and edit a file like this in Google Docs, rather than through an application like Microsoft Word, simply right click the file, highlight More Actions, and if the option is there, select Edit With Google Docs.

Edit MS Word in Google Docs



When you're done editing, you'll see that the file is still its original type - it doesn't convert the file to a *.gdoc, it simply uses Google Docs as an editor.

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