Using Box for Office (Windows only)

Box for Office allows you to connect directly to your Box account while you’re using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. This is only available for Windows users.

Install Box for Office


    • Open Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or which ever Office application you'd like to use, and go to the Home ribbon. Locate the Box group and click either Share or Upload.

Home Tab in Office


    • A web browser will launch and present a Box login. Log into your Box account with your Emerson credentials.

Authorize Box for Office


    • You're now permanently authorized to use Box directly from Office on this Windows computer. To upload your Word/Powerpoint/Excel document directly to Box, simply click the Upload button in the Home ribbon, and choose where you'd like to save.

Upload from Office to Box

    • Conversely, you can now both Save to and Open from Box.

Save to Box from Office Open File from Box in Office


    • If you'd like to share an Office file you're working on, click the Share button in the Home ribbon. You can email or otherwise send the share link to your collaborator, and if you click Advanced, you can set when the link expires and whether or not you want to allow your collaborator to download the file. This can be more secure and more convenient than sending a file as an attachment.

Share an Office File on Box


    • In Outlook, you can save attachments directly to Box. Simply highlight the message with the attachment and click Save Attachments, and choose the destination in your Box account.

Save Attachments to Box


    • When you attach a file to an email, Box for Office will now remind you that you could instead share that file through Box, like we saw above. If you'd like to turn off these reminders, either for this one email or altogether, click Settings and adjust to your preferences.

Share Attachments through Box

Change Outlook Settings in Box

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