Logging Into Box

When you visit http://box.emerson.edu, you'll click Continue to log into Box as part of Emerson College.

Log into Box

Then, log in with your Emerson username and password.

First-time Login

Box is protected with two-factor authentication, so if this is your first time logging into Box, you'll need to set that up first! Emerson uses a service called Duo to provide two-factor authentication. The basic idea is that you need a second verification, in addition to your username and password, to authenticate your login.

Duo makes this easy, and allows you to use several different methods as your second verification.

Please view our guide on Duo, Single Sign-On, & Two-Factor Authentication for details on how to set up and use Duo to log in to Emerson services.

You're in!

This is your Box account—from here, you can create new files and folders and share them with colleagues. When new folders or files are shared with you, you'll see them here, so you'll know what you have access to.

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