Telecommunications Service/Equipment Costs

Ordering New Equipment

When ordering new equipment, (phones, headsets, new data jacks, etc.), or service, (new dialtone, etc.), the following steps must be followed:

  1. The department head first places a ticket with the Help Desk at, with the type of phone or service needed, building, and office number and account number that the fee or costs will be charged to.
  2. Telecom will then prepare an estimate of the charges that must be approved by the Department Head with signing authority for the account being charged.
  3. Work or service activation will not begin until this estimate, with the proper approvals, is received by telecom.
  4. Please allow 5 business days in advance for standard requests. Contact Telecom for quotes.


Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Monthly phone charges are for dial tone only and do not include the cost of calls.
  • Monthly charges will be billed to the account number until an e-mail request to terminate service is received by the Telecommunications Department.
  • All equipment, (phones, cords, headsets, etc.) purchased through the Telecommunications Department remains the property of Emerson College and the Emerson College Telecommunications department. Administration and redistribution of equipment is at the discretion of the Telecommunications Department.
  • Estimates are based on current or projected prices and may be subject to increased costs due to material price increases or additional labor and materials which may be required should unforeseen problems or adverse weather conditions arise after the work has started.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to report service problems to the Telecommunications Department. Service problems should be reported as soon as discovered.
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