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Encoding with Handbrake for Median

Please note: Emerson has partnered with Panopto, a comprehensive media hosting platform. During the 2017-18 academic year, ITG will support both Median and Panopto. After the 2017-18 academic year, Median will be phased out of use and will no longer be supported. Be on the lookout for emails announcing Panopto training sessions! Please contact itg@emerson.edu with any questions or to set-up a one-on-one training. You can get started by checking out these Panopto tutorials.


When you upload a video to Median, it is placed in a queue to be transcoded to a format Median can display. To bypass this queue so your video is immediately viewable, you must encode your video to the settings listed below before uploading. Encoding your own video also gives you greater control over its final appearance.

Video codec: H.264 Audio codec: AAC
Video average bitrate: 800 kb/sec Audio bitrate: 128 kb/sec
Video file extension: .mp4 Audio sampling rate: 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz
Video must NOT be anamorphic  

Please keep in mind that while there is no technical limit to the maximum upload file size, since the quality of your internet connection determines how much you can reasonably upload at once, there is a generally accepted limit of 4-5GB total per upload. This limit can be four 1GB files or one large 4GB file.

Encoding with Handbrake

An easy way to encode any video for Median is to use a program called HandBrake, which is available on all lab workstations, or can be downloaded for free from http://handbrake.fr.

When you launch HandBrake, it will prompt you to choose the video file or DVD you want to convert. Navigate to your selection and click Open.

Choose the encoding settings outlined above (and pictured at right). Be sure to change the file extension to .mp4 in the File field under Destination, if HandBrake has not already done it for you.

To make sure the video is not anamorphic, click the Picture Settings button at the top of the HandBrake window and choose None in the Anamorphic drop-down menu.

The Picture Settings window is also where you can set other aspect ratio and cropping controls the way you want. Close the window to save your settings.

Under Audio, use only one track.

Once all the appropriate settings are selected, click the Start button at the top of the HandBrake window. HandBrake will encode your video to the location specified under Destination.

For information on how to upload this file to Median, see the Median Help Section. 

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