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Embedding Videos in Canvas

Please note: Emerson has partnered with Panopto, a comprehensive media hosting platform. During the 2017-18 academic year, ITG will support both Median and Panopto. After the 2017-18 academic year, Median will be phased out of use and will no longer be supported. Be on the lookout for emails announcing Panopto training sessions! Please contact itg@emerson.edu with any questions or to set-up a one-on-one training. You can get started by checking out these Panopto tutorials.


Anywhere in Canvas you have access to a RTE (Rich Text Editor), you will be able to embed a video from Median, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Median will be the main focus of this article, since it is Emerson-centric, and has a few special settings that make it unique to use with Canvas. But other videos follow the same basic precepts. Click here to learn about Canvas and the YouTube.

Embedded video on a Canvas page

Embedding a Video

Canvas page with space made for video

1.) First, make some room for that video! Best practice is to have the video at least one line down after text, like the title or description, with a space after it as well.

To the right of the page title field, you can switch from the Visual Editor to the HTML Editor.

2.) Next, go into the HTML editor. (Look to the right of the page title.) This brings you to the backend of the post, where you'll want to paste that embed code.

Where to put the video while in the HTML editor

3.) Here, notice you can see your title between two paragraph or tags, as well as the space you made below it. Unfortunately, it looks like some gobblydegook HTML got in there. Highlight the code (not the tags) and delete it. (Please note, sometimes there will be no gobblydegook HTML and you can go straight to step 4.)

Where to find embed code on Median page

4.) Now that you have a clean space where you can embed your video, hop over to Median. Go to your entry's page. Below the video player, is an option for "Sharing." (Need assistance with Median? See the Help Docs or contact ITG.)

5.) Click this, and copy the provided embed code. (Just a note - this is the standard practice on any video hosting site - the information you need for the video: to embed, to share, and so forth - is usually right below the video player.)

Iframe Code from Median pasted in

6.) Back in Canvas, paste that code into the space betwee the two p tags! At this point, you can either hit save, or you go back into the "Visual Editor" to continue working on that page. Perhaps you want to adjust the alignment of the video, since by default, it is left-aligned. 

7.) When you go back to the Visual Editor part of the RTE, you'll notice the video is a big gray box. That is typical. The embedded video will only show up on the actual live page. But if you want to change the formatting - i.e. center the video - just select that yellow box, and then hit the center align button.

8.) Almost done! Just hit save to take a look at your embedded video! (Nicely done, nicely done.)


While you can embed a YouTube video by pasting in its HTML code, there is a faster way! Simply grab the URL of the video and paste it into the Visual Editor of the RTE.

YouTube Link on a Canvas page

When you do so, Canvas recognizes the YouTube link, and auto-embeds the video. So just hit save! Also, this is a good way to get around mixed content issues, especially if you are having any problems with embedded videos.

Median Quirks

If a video is set to be Class Restricted or Hidden, there is a chance that instead of the embedded video - a student may see a few different warnings, i.e. "Video restricted to class" or "a higher user level," or just blank space with a log in screen.

Usually, the quickest fix is for the student to open Median in another window or tab, and log in.

If the student is logged into both and the issue persists, please contact ITG at itg@emerson.edu or at ext 8090, or submit a request through the Help Center.

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Images borrowed from Canvas Guides

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