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Adobe Connect

What is Adobe Connect?


Adobe Connect is an online application designed to host web conferences and webinars. Through it, members of the Emerson community can host online meetings, create and share online presentations, and conduct webinars. We find it is best used for presentations in which one speaker delivers information to multiple viewers.

Participants in Adobe Connect meetings are able to utilize the following features:

  • real-time video
  • text chat
  • document sharing
  • collaborative editing
  • polling
  • desktop sharing
  • recording sessions

To log-in to Adobe Connect at Emerson, go to connect.emerson.edu and log-in with your Emerson username and password. Everyone at Emerson has access to sign-in to Adobe Connect, but we have a limited number of Host licenses. 

If you are looking to Host a meeting or webinar with Adobe Connect, please contact Media Services at media_services@emerson.edu or 617-824-8676 at least 48 business hours in advance of your event so that we can activate your account as a Host and assist in setting up your webinar room and URL.

Pending availability, we can also provide technology equipment to run your meeting such as a laptop, webcam, or tripod.

User guide for Adobe Connect

Users and Permissions

Your role determines your capabilities for sharing, broadcasting, and other activities in an Adobe Connect meeting. There are three roles for meeting room attendees: host, presenter, and participant.

The creator of a meeting is designated as the host by default. The host can specify each attendee’s role, including selecting other attendees to be hosts for the meeting. Permissions for each role are as follows:


Hosts can set up a meeting, invite guests, add content to the library, share content, and add or edit layouts in a meeting room. They can promote other participants to the role of meeting room host or presenter, or give enhanced permissions to a participant without promoting the participant.

Hosts can start, stop, join, and leave audio conferences. They can also start and stop broadcasting audio into a meeting room. Hosts are able to create and manage small group breakout rooms within a meeting. They can also perform all the tasks that a presenter or participant can.


Presenters can share content already loaded into the meeting room from the library and share content from their computer, including Adobe® Presenter presentations (PPT or PPTX files), Flash® application files (SWF files), images (JPEG files), Adobe PDF files, MP3 files, and FLV files.

Presenters can share their screen with all attendees, chat, and broadcast live audio and video. They can mute and unmute audio broadcasts on their computers.


Participants can view the content that the presenter is sharing, hear and see the presenter’s audio and video broadcast, and use text chat. Participants can mute and unmute audio broadcasts on their computers.

What other video conferencing options do we have at Emerson?

Check out our guide to video conferencing and webinars to find out more about other applications available to the Emerson community such as Skype, Lifesize, and Highfive. 

Videoconferencing and Webinars

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