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Welcome, freshmen, and welcome back, returning students!

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Students need to make sure they're ready for the new school year.

Back-to-school time comes around every year. We're here to help you make sure your technology is ready for the new year!

Below are some basic guidelines to help you prepare:

  • Computer configurations: Your computer should meet Emerson’s recommended computer configurations outlined on the I.T. Help Desk Computer Purchasing page.
  • Ethics: Read and understand Emerson’s Electronic Information Policy so you use the College’s network in a legal and ethical manner.
  • Updated operating system: An updated operating system free of viruses and spyware is required to access the Emerson network. Plus, you want a computer that is virus-free and safe to use, right? The Help Desk has two guides to help: Basic Computer Maintenance and Avoiding and Removing Spyware.
  • Anti-virus software: Windows computers connecting to Emerson's network are required to have anti-virus software installed. Microsoft Security Essentials is well regarded and available free of charge. You can read more about Anti-Virus protection and maintenance at Basic Computer Maintenance. However, you should NOT install multiple anti-virus programs as they can conflict with each other!
  • Wireless connections: Speaking of the wireless network, we've got a big one! We've also got instructions for all the popular operating systems and mobile devices—so we'll get you connected!
  • Licensing: Make sure you have the license key for your copy of your computer’s operating system. If you didn’t buy it, the IT Help Desk can’t fix it! Operating system keys come with new computers and are usually somewhere on the computer’s case. You should also bring all your software installation CDs and their related licenses in case you need to reinstall something.
  • Wireless devices: The use of routers and wireless extension devices (such as the Airport Express) is strictly prohibited on campus.
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