Managing More than One Google Account

Google Workspace and a personal Gmail (or a Google services account) are two separate entities. Use your Emerson account username and password to log in to your Emerson Google account.

If you run into problems or errors because of conflicting accounts, the following information will help.

As you may already know, your Emerson Account gives you access to Google Workspace. When you log in to Canvas or WordPress, you are automatically logged in to your Emerson Google account so that creating and sharing documents via Google Drive is a seamless experience. However, you probably also have your own Google account that is separate from your Emerson Account. Be it for Gmail, Youtube, or any of the countless Google services.

Using more than one account for Google-provided services can be tricky and even confusing, especially if you click a link to a document restricted to Emerson but your browser's already logged in to your personal (non-Emerson) Google account. Below, we'll go through ways to help reduce both confusion and error messages.

Keep them separated

One approach to managing multiple Google accounts is to keep them separated.

  • Log out of your personal Google account before logging in to Canvas or WordPress, or before clicking to open a document shared to your Emerson email address.
  • Use one browser for your personal Google needs, and reserve a secondary browser for using Emerson's Google. 

Multiple sign-in

Multiple sign-in is a feature that Google offers to allow users to have a browser signed in to multiple Google accounts at the same time within the same browser. This is a work in progress from Google, so while it is very useful, it is not always seamless, and not all Google services support it.

  Keep in mind

If you attempt to use your personal Google account for Emerson resources you will receive a permissions error message. Follow these steps to add or switch to your Emerson account to proceed.

If you sign out of one account while using multiple sign-in, you will be logged out of all of your Google accounts.

Sign in to more than one account

A screenshot of Sparks McGee logged into their personal Gmail account, The 'Add acount' button is circled below.

  1. Sign in to a supported Google service, such as Google Drive.
  2. Click your name or email address at the top of the page.
  3. Select Add account from the drop-down menu.
  4. A sign-in page will open. Here you can:
  • Sign in to a Google account, or
  • Sign in to your Emerson account: Simply type your address in the Email field and click Sign in. Your browser will load the Google Workspace login page, where you can sign in with your Emerson credentials.

Switch between accounts using multiple sign-in

A screenshot of Sparks McGee logged into their personal Gmail account, Their Emerson account, is circled just below. To switch to their Emerson account, Sparks would need to click on it in the circled part.

Now that you have signed in to more than one account in the same browser, switching between these accounts is easy.

Click your name or email address at the top of the page, then select the account you'd like to switch to from the menu.

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