Configuring Faxing Email Addresses in MetroFax

After you create a MetroFax Account, you need to add at least one email address for sending faxes and one email address for receiving addresses. These can be the same address, or different ones.

By default, whatever email you signed up with is set to send and receive faxes. To change this:

1. Log in to Metrofax at Your username is 1 + your 7-digit MetroFax phone number-- not the fax number your department uses, but the one MetroFax assigned you. Your password is the 4-digit PIN you picked. This information will have been emailed to you by MetroFax.

2. Once logged in, click on Update Account

MetroFax Update Account

3. You will be presented with a list of settings for your MetroFax account. Click the EditEdit button next to Send Email Address.

4. Enter your department's faxing email address in the first box and hit the UpdateUpdate button.

5. Do the same for Receive Email Address.

You can test your faxing email address by adding it in Gmail and sending an email to (your MetroFax number) You can also try sending a fax from your physical machine to your MetroFax number, if it is still hooked up.

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