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Logging In

Login to eCommon

Go to eCommon

In the Login Name and Password field, enter your Emerson username and password. Then click the Login button.

Logging Out

Logout of eCommon

Once you have successfully logged in, you can log out by clicking the Logout icon in the upper right corner to end your session.

This is very important to protect your personal information!

Getting Acquainted

Getting Acquainted with the layout of eCommon

When you log in, you should see a welcome message with your name near the left side, just below the eCommon graphic.

eCommon is organized in a series of tabs, such as the Home tab, and boxes of content called channels. To navigate through eCommon, click on the tabs and browse through the channels.

Using the Channel Toolbars

Channel Bar on eCommon Each channel has a series of toolbar icons in the upper right corner that allows you to customize your view of the channel.
Focus - Use to expand a channel The focus button allows you to expand a channel.
Minimize - Use to collapse a channel The minimize button collapses the content in a channel. This might allow you to see content that was below the channel but required scrolling to see.
Delete - Use to remove the channel from your view Delete: Some channels allow you to remove/delete the channel from your view. (Most can be retrieved if accidentally removed.) However, some critical channels have been locked by the system so they cannot be deleted. If a channel is locked, the X in the toolbar icon will be gray and will not be clickable.
Edit - Use to enter data or edit the channel appearance The edit icon looks like a pencil and appears when you have additional abilities to enter data or edit what appears in the channel.

eCommon Highlights

Keep in mind that eCommon will be designed in phases, so tabs and channels will be changing as new features are made available. Below are a few highlights:

Home Tab

  • College Announcements: Emerson College will post important notices like campus closures or big news in this channel when all faculty, students, and staff need to be notified.
  • Group Announcements: These notices are targeted to you based on your function or role at the College.
  • News, Events, and Workshops: RSS feed to the latest College information. Click on the Calendar for additional information on future events and workshops.

Employee Tab

Employee Tab - Links to employee forms and benefits

This tab provides links to general employee forms and benefits, as well as information relative to your job and employment, some of which is confidential. Please use caution when viewing information on this tab.

My Job Tab

My Job Tab - Tools for your job

This tab provides access to tools you may need to perform your job. Some channels may not apply to all employees.

Finance Tab

This tab only appears to employees with budget responsibilities.

  • Approval Alerts: Notifies finance approvers whenever a requisition is pending approval in Banner. Easier access to the Approve Documents page means that purchase requisitions can be approved sooner, goods can be received faster, and vendors can be paid on time.
    • The Next Approver link goes to the Approve Documents page in Finance Self-Service. The system displays the documents for which you are the next in line to approve.
    • The All Documents link also goes to the Approve Documents page in Finance Self- Service. The system displays all documents for which you are an approver, regardless of where the documents are in the approval queue.
  • Finance Self-Service: Provides shortcuts to budget information via Banner Self-Service for Finance.

Financial Advisor in eCommon

  • Financial Advisor: Chart showing expenditures and budget status. The Financial Advisor channel can be set to chart your budget versus percentage of annual expenditures for each organization within the responsibility of each budget manager or budget coordinator.

Financial Advisor on eCommon

  • To enable the chart to show your expenditures:

  • Click on the edit button in the upper right corner of the Financial Advisorchannel.
  • Fill in the chart with your Fund and Organization. The COA field should always be populated with an E for Chart of Accounts. You can also select the colors you prefer for bars in the chart.
  • When the fields are complete, click Apply at the bottom and then click Back.

Financial Advisor on eCommon

  • Your Financial Advisor channel should now chart your organization budget and expenditures.


First Support Contact: the Help Desk


  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Internet Explorer 7+

Not Supported:

  • Web Browsers on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, mobile gaming devices)
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