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Configuring your ECMail with a Mail Client (e.g., Apple Mail)

Your Emerson ECmail is always available with our WebApp version at ecmail.emerson.edu. This is an easy to use and always up-to-date way of checking your ECmail, and replicates most functions of traditional mail clients.

If you prefer traditional mail clients, you can set those up too! ECmail runs on Microsoft's Exchange platform, which is designed to work best with Outlook for Windows. Any service or program that supports Exchange will be compatible, though much is dependent on how Exchange is integrated into the software. 

Note: Microsoft Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail have both been reported to duplicate events or move event times. People in need of absolute calendar accuracy should use either Outlook for Windows or the WebApp on any operating system or browser



Use Microsoft Exchange

Emerson uses the Microsoft Exchange platform for our email, so you'll have the best experience if your mail client supports Exchange. If you're given the option, always choose Exchange!

The following instructions use Apple Mail, but the steps will be similar for other clients, and the server settings will be the same.

If you are a staff or faculty member trying to set up email in your office, contact the Help Desk at ext. 8080 for assistance.

Select Exchange

If you've never set up an account before in your client, you'll likely be presented with a wizard to help you.

Apple Mail Pref

If not, or you already have other accounts set up, you'll need to find your account preferences pane to add a new account.

Adding as Exchange

Enter your full name, as you'd like it to appear in email messages, as well as your full Emerson email address, and ECnet password. 

In most cases using Exchange, the mail client will auto-detect the proper server settings. But if not, both incoming and outgoing servers are owa.emerson.edu


What about POP and IMAP?

POP and IMAP are no longer supported for using an email client with your ECMail. Both POP and IMAP use SMTP for outgoing email. Sending over SMTP has been disabled for email clients as a security measure against a recent uptick in sophisticated phishing tactics that use a technique to send as Emerson email addresses.

You'll need to use an email client that supports Exchange in order use it with ECMail.


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    Paul Hackett

    I am not pleased that I have to use Exchange, but your site was very clear and helpful.

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