What is Pages and how do I connect to it?

Student organizations seeking webspace should pursue Wordpress, and individual students should pursue emerson.build.

We have also discontinued the use of FTP, as it is an insecure protocol. Please see the instructions below for connecting to your legacy Pages folder via our VPN.

All Emerson students, staff, and faculty have 2 GB of space available on the Emerson network, called Pages. Pages allow you to publish your files to the Internet by copying them to your folder.

Files inside your Pages folder are by default accessible to everyone. You can place files inside the Private folder to keep them inaccessible to anyone but you.

If you're creating a website, you'll find your finished site in one of the following locations after you upload your files:

  • Students: pages.emerson.edu/students/f/firstname_lastname/
  • Faculty: pages.emerson.edu/faculty/f/firstname_lastname/
  • Staff: pages.emerson.edu/staff/f/firstname_lastname/

When looking at the configuration settings below, make sure to change "students" to "staff or "faculty" when necessary, depending on your status.

Please note: Replace "f" with your first initial, and "firstname_lastname" with your Emerson username.

Best Web Server Practices

Put individual sites and project files into their own folders instead of just within the top level of your pages folder. 

Make sure you do not have any spaces in your folder names. "Project One" will be interpreted as project%20one. Underscores are your best friend when creating sites!

Connecting to your Pages folder

You can easily connect to your Pages folder from a lab, your dorm room, or even your apartment off-campus; the procedure for Windows or OS X is a little different, so look below for the section relevant to your operating system.


If off-campus, first connect to the Emerson VPN.

  1. Open a My Computer window, and in the address bar, type the following: \\pages.emerson.edu\pages
  2. Press enter and log in (with the full @emerson.edu in your username).
  3. Navigate to your folder or site. 

Mac OS X

If off-campus, first connect to the Emerson VPN.

  1. Click any blank space on the desktop, and then at the very top menu bar, click Go, and then Connect to Server.
  2. Type smb://pages.emerson.edu/pages, connect and log in (with the full @emerson.edu in your username).
  3. Navigate to your folder or site.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a powerful web editing application available in Emerson's computer labs. You can set up Dreamweaver to access your Pages folder to make publishing your website easier than ever. If you need help setting this up, please see one of our friendly lab assistants.

Please note, if you are using Dreamweaver in the computer labs, your site settings will not be saved on the computer. Use the Export function in the Site menu to back up your site information.

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