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What is Courses and how do I connect to it?

Courses is server space for course-related work.

Faculty can request a Courses folder for each class that they teach on a per-semester basis. Courses folders are primarily used to host and transfer large files, such as audio or video files that students must submit as part of their course work. Editing access is limited to those enrolled in the course.

Courses can be thought of as a part of Pages. All of this is server space set aside for faculty and students, which contains departmental, personal, web, and course data for Emerson College.

They are available for the semester the class runs. However, they also have their own particular set of options and settings.

  • Courses folders are organized by semester and are named by course. For example: pages.emerson.edu/pages/courses/sprg13/JR100
  • There are three folders automatically created with the course folder: 
    • Assignments In - allows students to upload, open, and download files. Due to FERPA regulations, please let students know that they can access each other's work here. If that's a problem, ask them to let you know so another solution can be determined.
    • Assignments Out - allows only the professor to upload files that students can open and/or download. 
    • Private - accessible only for the professor.
    • Public - works the same way as Assignments In.
  • The professor can create and provision additional folders within their top-level Courses folder.
  • There is a shortcut to Courses on all lab computers, or it can be accessed off campus by FTP.
  • The entirety of Courses is 2TB. So if you take up 1%, and another faculty takes up 2%, together you would count for 3% of Courses capacity. Since it is shared, we do ask that you are aware of what is kept on it and not rely on it as a backup.

How do I access Courses?

Emerson lab and classroom computers have links to Courses folders on the desktop. Be sure that you are logged in to the computer with your Emerson credentials. You can also access Courses by FTPing into the server.

Connecting to your Courses folder from a lab computer

On any lab computer, Mac or Windows, there will be a link on the Desktop that says "Courses." Double-clicking on this will bring up the Courses folder, where you will then need to navigate to the current semester's folder, and within that will be your Course's folder, which is named after the course CRN - i.e. PB395-0 or WR121-01.

Connecting to your Courses folder from outside the labs

On Mac

For OS X users' Pages access to work best, you'll need an FTP program like CyberduckFileZilla, or Transmit.

Below are the settings you will need to connect (these will work for a PC-based FTP program too!):

  • FTP Server: pages.emerson.edu
  • Initial folder (if applicable): /courses/semester (i.e. Fall13)
  • Username: Your Emerson username
  • Password: Your Emerson password

On Windows

  1. Open a My Computer window, and in the address bar, type the following: ftp://pages.emerson.edu/courses/
  2. Windows will ask you for your Emerson username and password.
  3. That's it! The window will now act like any other folder on your computer. You can drag and drop files to and from this window, as well as delete files.

How do I request a Courses folder?

Faculty can request a Courses folder by contacting ITG at itg@emerson.edu or 617-824-8090. We will need your course and section number. Also, please note that Courses folder requests take 24 hours to be processed. Be sure to request a folder for your course well in advance from when you need it.

How do I learn more about Courses folders?

You can also schedule a one-to-one training with an ITG staff person by contacting ITG with your availability at itg@emerson.edu or 617-824-8090.

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