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Loaner Laptops

Emerson Faculty and Staff may borrow laptops from the Information Technology Help Desk in the case of computer breakage or maintenance. Loaner laptops are only available as a last resort to faculty and staff members who are in need of computer access and have no other option available. Loaner laptops will be given at the Help Desk's discretion for a period of up to two weeks.

Note: Students who have non-functioning or damaged computers may use the on-campus labs for completing classwork. Labs include the majority of software needed. For those who live off-campus or cannot utilize the labs, students may temporarily borrow loaner laptops from the Help Desk until their personal machine is fixed; with a maximum borrowing limit of two (2) weeks.

Faculty must fill out the Equipment Rental Agreement form upon receiving the loaner laptop. All information must be filled out completely and correctly. Renters will receive automatic reminders during the week before the given due date. Loaner laptops can be returned ahead of the given due date. In the case that the due date is not sufficient and more time will be needed, the Help Desk must be notified and provided with reasonable proof.


A faculty member's computer breaks. They have borrowed a loaner laptop and it is due back in two weeks. Their new laptop is supposed to arrive in three weeks. The faculty member presents the Help Desk with a receipt of purchase for the new laptop showing that it is beyond the given due date. The Help Desk works to develop a new due date for the return.

Rental Agreement Terms

Equipment should be picked up and returned to the IT Help Desk in Room 530 on the 5th Floor of the Walker Building at 120 Boylston Street.

If you wish to extend the equipment rental beyond the due date, please contact the IT Help Desk to discuss a possible renewal for an additional period by calling (617) 824-8080.

I acknowledge that I am receiving a loan of the Emerson equipment listed above for the time period specified. I acknowledge receiving the equipment in good condition and accept full liability for damage or loss, including concealed or unreported damage discovered after the return. I understand that I am responsible for all charges incurred to repair or replace equipment damaged while in my possession.

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