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Adding Box Folders for Scanning on Konica Copiers

Adding a Scan folder to your Box

  1. Open a new browser tab or window, and log into your Box account at http://box.emerson.edu
  2. To create a new folder, click the “New” button in the upper right, and then click “Folder





In the window that opens, enter the name "Scan to Box F. Lastname" (ie Lee Pelton would be "Scan to Box L. Pelton"), and click “Create”. Your new folder will appear in your list of files.


  1. Select the new folder, and click the drop-down menu button at the right of its entry to open the menu. Select “Settings” from this menu.

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  1. In the Settings window, scroll down to the “Uploading” section:
  • Put a checkmark in the box “Allow uploads to this folder via email”.
  • Click the “Copy” button to the right of the folder’s “Upload Email Address”. (The button will turn green and show “Copied” to indicate that the address was copied.)
  • Now click the “Save Changes” button to enable emails to your folder.

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  1. You are now finished with the Box setup.

Add the Box folder to your Copier.

  1. To log in to the copier:
  • On your copier there should be a number placard attached. Find the corresponding number below in the table and "Click" on the hyperlink. This will direct you to the Copier’s web portal to add the Box folder to your copier.


Machine # Department Building Floor Link to Copier
1A Admin. Service / Business Svcs 20 Park Plaza 13 http://copier-busservices.emerson.edu
2 Help Desk 120 Boylston 4 http://techsupport-copier.emerson.edu
3A Human Resources 20 Park Plaza 13 http://copier-hr.emerson.edu
4 TRF 120 Boylston 2 http://Copier-TRF.emerson.edu
5 Alumni/Development 99 Summer Street 9 http://copier-development.emerson.edu
6A CMPP 120 Boylston 9 http://copier-soc.emerson.edu
7 OHRL 120 Boylston 4 http://housing-copier.emerson.edu
9 Government 120 Boylston 10 http://govt-com-relations-copier.emerson.edu
10 Center for Comedic Arts 10 Boylston Place 11 http://copier-comedicarts.emerson.edu/
12A Athletics 150 Boylston LL2 http://copier-athletics.emerson.edu
13 Public Safety 80 Boylston 1 http://copier-police-department.emerson.edu
15 Counseling Center 216 Tremont 2 http://copier-counseling.emerson.edu
16 Health Services 216 Tremont 3 http://copier-healthwellness.emerson.edu
17A Student Admin Svc 216 Tremont 4 http://copier-sas.emerson.edu
19 WARC 216 Tremont 5 http://warc-copier.emerson.edu
20 Career Services 216 Tremont 6 http://copier-career-services.emerson.edu
23 CSD 216 Tremont 9 http://copier-comm-disord.emerson.edu
24 WERS 180 Tremont B http://copier-wers.emerson.edu
25 Info Tech 20 Park Plaza 13 http://infotech-copier.emerson.edu
26 V.M.A. 180 Tremont 9 http://copier-vma180-9.emerson.edu
29 WLP 180 Tremont 12 http://copier-wlp.emerson.edu
30A Academic Dean 180 Tremont 13 http://copier-purchasing.emerson.edu
31 Fitness Center 52 Summer Street  B http://fitness-copier.emerson.edu
32 Faculty Offices Walker 4th Floor 120 Boylston 4 http://copier-faculty-suite.emerson.edu
33 Journalism 120 Boylston 6 http://copier-journalism-2.emerson.edu
35 Performing Arts Paramount Center 4 http://copier-perfarts-paramount4.emerson.edu
36A Dean of Students 120 Boylston 4 http://copier-studentlife.emerson.edu
37 Performing Arts Tufte 5th Floor 10 Boylston Place 5 http://copier-perfarts.emerson.edu
39 Student Union 150 Boylston 1 http://copier-student-union.emerson.edu
40 Performing Arts Tufte 6th Floor 10 Boylston Place 6 http://copier-officearts-ppc6.emerson.edu
41 Communication 120 Boylston 8 http://copier-commstudies.emerson.edu
42 Grad Admissions 120 Boylston 5 http://copier-admission-2.emerson.edu
43 Student Success 150 Boylston 2 http://studentsuccess-copier.emerson.edu
49 Ploughshares Transport Blg 1 http://pshares-copier.emerson.edu
49A Library Faculty  120 Boylston 3 http://library-copier.emerson.edu
50 Institute of Liberal Arts 120 Boylston 5 http://copier-institute.emerson.edu
52 Marketing Communication 120 Boylston 7 http://copier-marketingcomm.emerson.edu
56 Webmaster/Tony Ferruro Transport Blg Hallway 2 http://copier-vma-stb.emerson.edu
57 Library Archives 120 Boylston 2 http://copier-library-archives.emerson.edu
58 Office of the Arts Transport Blg 2 http://arts-copier.emerson.edu
60 Box Office Paramount Paramount Center 1 http://paramount-bo-copier.emerson.edu
61 Registrar's office 216 Tremont 2 http://copier-registrar.emerson.edu
62 Office of the Arts 98 Boylston Street 3 http://copier-officearts-2boylston.emerson.edu
63 Office of the Arts Paramount Center 1 http://copier-officearts-paramount.emerson.edu
64 Communications & Marketing 99 Summer Street 9 http://99-color-copier.emerson.edu
65 Business & Finance 20 Park Plaza 13 http://copier-finance.emerson.edu
66 International Student Affairs 120 Boylston 10 http://copier-external-programs.emerson.edu
67 Title IX Coordinator Transport Blg Hallway 2 http://copier-titleix.emerson.edu
68 Finance  20 Park Plaza 13 http://copier-finance2.emerson.edu
99 President's office 180 Tremont 14 http://presidents-office-copier.emerson.edu


  • Enter your Copy Code in the “Account Password” box.
  • Click “Login”. This opens the copier’s control webpage.


  1. In the row of icons at the upper left of the copier control page, click the orange Address Book icon to show the “Address Book List” page.
  • It’s usually the orange icon. If necessary, try all of the icons until you find the Address Book List.

    1. Click the “New Registration” button on the Address Book List page.


  1. On the New Registration screen, make sure “E-Mail” is selected, and click “OK”.



  1. On the Address Book (E-Mail) screen, enter the following:
  • Name: Type "Scan to Box F. Lastname".
  • Put a checkmark in the “Main” box.
  • Paste the folder address from Box into the “Destination Information E-mail Address” field.
  • Click “OK” to save the information.




  1. The copier will confirm that the new registration was completed. Click “OK” again.
  2. Now click the “Logout” button at the upper right area of the copier control screen, and “OK” to confirm logging out.

 You are now able to Scan to Box using the Copier. 








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    Edward Morgan

    There is a moment in the process that the pictures are not accurate. A the very end of Step #1, the login password space is not available, and we have two choices, Public or Administrator. We must choose Public, then click login, then enter the password (paste). Ed M.

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