Your Account After Graduation

Friendly Computer!Congrats, grad! You're moving on and up in the world, but your Emerson account (and most related services) will remain active for one year from your graduation date. This gives you plenty of time to back up any files or emails you want to hold onto, but we recommend you get it done now, before you forget (now that you're a busy person of the world)!

Our official policy is posted on the Emerson main site, but we're going to review how this affects each of the IT services you use below:

How long you have access after leaving Emerson

Service Up to graduation 30 days 1 year Forever Paid option
Adobe Creative Cloud yes       yes
Box     yes   yes
Campus buildings   yes      
Canvas     yes    
eCommon     yes     yes    yes
Gmail     yes yes*  
Google Workspace (Docs, Drive)     yes    
Isilon/Bin     yes    
Microsoft Office 365 yes        
Pages     yes    
Panopto     yes     yes    

* Requires signup
† Read-only
‡ On-campus only

Emerson Gmail

You can keep your address for one year. After that, Alumni may opt into the Alumni Email Program.

Please review the Student Deactivation and Alumni Email Program Policy for terms and conditions.


This benefit does not apply to Alumni prior to 2019. Alumni prior to 2019 were offered Alumni Email Forward for Life via an outside service (iModules). In May 2019, those accounts were migrated to Google Workspace and the terms of the current program apply.

Google Workspace

You will have access to Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Photos, etc. for one year after graduation.

Card Access to Administrative Buildings

You will retain tap access to all buildings that are not residence halls for 30 days after commencement.


You will have access to eCommon for one year after graduation.


You will have access to your Emerson Box account for one year after graduation. If you create a Box account with your personal email address, you can then put in a request ( to have your Emerson Box files transferred to your new account during this time. Box's free Individual plan has a storage limit of 10 GB, and a file size limit of 250 MB. You are, of course, free to upgrade your own Box plan for more storage options.

Canvas account

You will have read-only access to Canvas courses for one year after graduation. If you think you might want to access your old course materials in the future, you should download them during this one-year period.

Panopto account

You will have access to Panopto for one year after graduation. If you want to save your videos, you can enable podcasts on a folder or on each individual video. This allows you to download your videos as described in this guide.

You will have access to for one year after graduation. is powered by Reclaim Hosting, with whom you can set up a personal hosting plan and migrate your Build site during this one-year period. You can also use the cPanel to export a complete backup of your site to use with a different hosting service of your choice.


While you will technically have access to Isilon for one year after graduation, we strongly recommend you download your files to a storage drive before you leave campus, as this service cannot be accessed from elsewhere.


You will continue to have access to Pages for one year, during which time we recommend you download a copy of your files.

You can access your blog for one year after graduation. During this time, you should use the WordPress Export tool to download a copy of your blog. This content can then be imported to a new WordPress blog.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Your access to the Adobe Creative Cloud service and applications through Emerson will end as soon as you are no longer marked as enrolled in the school's system. Prior to completing your final term, back up any files you may have stored on the Adobe Creative Cloud service. You may also wish to save a copy of your Adobe documents to non-Adobe formats, so that you will be able to view them without the Adobe applications. Adobe also offers an option for graduates to create a free Adobe account and migrate media assets and is offering discounts for new graduates looking to buy the software. Note that Adobe currently only supports this for US-based accounts.

Microsoft Office 365

Your access to Microsoft Office 365 will end as soon as you are no longer marked as enrolled in the school's system. Downloaded copies of Office will fail to work once they check the license server, which may happen as soon as you graduate. While some applications (Google Docs and Sheets, Apache OpenOffice) may be able to open and edit some Office file formats, purchasing a license for Microsoft Office might be necessary to continue accessing some files. Note that if you have used Microsoft OneDrive with your Emerson account, you will have to migrate your data before graduating.

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