Using Outlook To Access Gmail (Windows Only)

While we recommend against using Outlook to access Emerson Gmail accounts, some users will still need certain features that Outlook provides. In this case users will need to use the "G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook". This is a desktop sync tool that will sync Outlook with your Gmail account upon launch.

  1. To being, navigate to the G Suite Sync download page.
  2. Click Download G Suite Sync and run the .exe file once the download completes.
  3. After the file installs, it will bring you to the first Google Sign-In screen. Type in your Emerson email address including ( and click continue.
  4. A web browser will then be launched taking you to the second Google sign in screen. Type your Emerson email address again, as before and click continue.
  5. Google will then redirect you to Duo (Emerson's Single Sign-On Service). Enter your Emerson Username (firstname_lastname, without and your password. Click Log In.
  6. The next page will have a list of services that the program needs access to. At the bottom of the list click allow.
  7. The G Suite Sync program will now open this window. Simply click Create profile. Do not check "import data from an existing profile" as it will remigrate your email (that IT has already done) and will make your Outlook session unusable until it has completed.
  8. On the next window, just click Start Microsoft Outlook.
  9. Outlook will now launch and take you to the profile select screen. The profile should already be selected, but if you have multiple, it is the one of your Emerson email followed by "- G Suite". In this case, the profile name is " - G Suite". Click Ok.

At this point you will see the G Suite tool's Sync Status screen. This will launch each time you open Outlook to sync your email. Once it is complete you may close the window and use Outlook.

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